Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warren Aldrich

I met Warren Aldrich three years ago when he was visiting his best friend (my girlfriend) out in Worcester, MA, where we were both living at the time and he and I bonded over music, among other things. Now, whenever he comes to visit, he brings with him a vault to share.

Warren is also a brilliant painter. During this first visit, Warren and Celia came to see my band Family Junction at Harper's Ferry in Allston, MA. During the after party, Warren was witness to a weird and unusual creature floating about the house, which he painted the following day. That painting, though not below, is currently hanging above the fireplace of my current house in Boston, MA (will post soon enough).

As I said above, Warren is a brilliant painter and we share a deep love for discovering new music and obsessing over our finds (though I must admit he is far more skilled in the ways of discovery than I am). Last spring I was finishing up my first full-length album, "Thirty-two bit isn't really eight bits better", and asked Warren if I could use some of his paintings for the album art, which he happily agreed to. The third and fourth paintings below were used for the front and back covers, respectively.

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