Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brodner's Birthday Wishes!

A birthday greeting on the lighter side by the morbid and coruscating mind of political satirist Steve Brodner.

Steve and my dad grew up together in Brooklyn and he's been a member of the family ever since.

On the scene for over 30 years, Steve has been featured in nearly every major publication from The New York Times to Playboy and MAD Magazine, Newsweek, Mother Jones, The Village Voice, Esquire...Remember the poster for the Warren Beatty film Bullworth? Brodner. Remember the illustrations in Rolling Stone from the 2004-2005 that complimented the writings of Matt Taibbi, Tom Dickinson, Paul Alexander among many others so well? Brodner. Suffice to say, Brodner's the fucking man.

From 2007-2009 he produced a series of shorts with filmmaker Gail Levine about the presidential campaign called "The Naked Campaign."

Fun-fact #1: Steve is one of two artists banned from the front page of The New York Times because his work is considered "too dark." The other artist is Ralph Steadman who is arguably most known as the illustrating counterpart of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Fun-fact #2: As with many artistic geniuses, he was on the brink expulsion for poor grades and was even kicked out of a class for drawing the tall, thin naked models as short, fat and fugly caricatures.

Check out his blog at www.stevebrodner.com for the infamous "Person of the Day."

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