Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"...comin' straight from the underground!"

My experiences with the law are seldom positive. Like the time a guy in a hummer chased my friends and me down, weaving all over podunk back-roads, cut in front of us stopping his car diagonally across the road, got out, and came up to the window threatening us and flashing his badge to passersby telling them "It's OK, I'm a cop." (That's the very, very short of it. PS: if you ever see a hummer with the license plate JUS HUMN, he's a cop and he's a fucking asshole.)

Sometimes, you meet a good cop. Like the time when we got in a nasty fender-bender five years ago down in Jersey. We're all in the cop's car--four in the back, one in the front. I notice he's a got a tattoo and I ask what it's of. He says, "A woman giving fellatio," to which Matt responds, "My mom's got the same one," and we all laugh. That's a good cop.

The cop in this picture, he's a good cop...at least he was when I met him; kind and good humored about a guy in chicken costume requesting a photo together without speaking.

Moral of the story: if you're gonna fuck the police, wear a condom.

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