Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daniel Harris and Left Hand Does

This past Saturday night, February 28th, I hosted the first show at Sparhawk House of 2009, featuring a set by me and headlined by my favourite Boston band, Left Hand Does.

Left Hand Does has been on the scene for about nine years and to me they sound like the love-child of Tears for Fears and Pavement. And seriously, they really are that good. Seriously. I first saw LHD three years ago when I went to TT the Bears in Cambridge to see a Nick Luca solo show (Nick has done a lot of work with Calexico is a super rad dude). I walked in during the middle of the LHD set and fell in love. That night LHD played the song "Microwave throwin' man" (which would not be released until "Yeckum Checkum" in 2008) and I've been hooked ever since.

It wasn't until my old friend Dave moved to Boston in 2007 and started his killer band, The Doctors Fox, would LHD come to my universe again when their drummer Josh joined The Doctors Fox. Now, I see those guys on the regs and to say I was excited about the show is a gross understatement.

Here are some shots from the evening...

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