Friday, March 6, 2009

Music for the Yous, vol. 1

The main reason I started this blog was to post my music for anyone to download; and besides, it's far easier for me to maintain than my "real" website

When I began posting, I didn't (and still don't, really) know how to post music. Then I remembered the other reason why I even bought a domain name in the first place was that I wanted a space on the internet where I could share not only my music and visual art, but also that of my friends who are artists (hence the paintings by Warren Aldrich, the short film by Edward Shore, etc.).

Before I created The Anorexic Food Critic, I sent a recent EP I recorded to a friend out in St. Louis to post on his blog. Thankfully, the site he used to host the album is continuing to do so.

Here is the link: Faarminals, Aarminals, and Nick Nolte [EP]

The picture to above is the album art unfolded. Full folding featurette due out the near future.

The album was recorded in my bedroom studio onto a Boss RC-50. The raw tracks were then transferred to my computer and mixed in latest version of Garage Band.

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