Thursday, April 23, 2009

Before SaveFile Killed the Mood (by Daniel Harris Levine)

AND THE COFFEE pours from the porous sores sing soliloquizing up the competition. Though past products have manifested in the ways of "coherent" contextualized captions, the time has come to put aside silly things for matters more pressing.

This hanger takes time to twist tangle tootle type. Just kidding.

Caesar barks into microphones attached to umbilically to my hand boxes, saved and distorted, recanted and embellished with ever progressing doo-wop sensations. "24, 24, 24," three times a Lennon less three giant leaps of an unexpected u-hauling ass.

Astronauts from Florida combined, we have created--uh, looking, looking, cocoa-staring, start-stop-fairing-very-well-thank-you-old-lady-with-the-goat-ie--time to peacock.

The distraction caused my shaking legs shaking legs caused by the distraction of 'have you?''s and yous guys can find it in the back pages of the free press. These devices are neither convoluted excrements nor WHY can't I pluralize "excrement"? Am I wrong, or M.I. might be wrong.


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