Saturday, April 18, 2009

(by Daniel Harris Levine)

I once chipped my tooth while eating a salad.

I once chipped my tooth while eating a shower.

I once chipped my tooth while eating in the shower.

I once ate my hair while chipping a clowner.

Eat the downer. Hone the cower.

The blouse-maker's daughter-in-law was close than she appeared. Combing the brain waves and whipping the curl, ants proceeded gracefully up her climb. Bark bite knuckle sandwich heads out the window down the freeway. Seven dominants, diminishing fifths, and sexaphone soli. Blow-job in the kid's film. Let me think; did I do that? Somebody stole the missing stone from the ring!

Bucket-dropping, fish-fighting, porcupine-race-track-wearing, orphanage banishing gold.

Hide behind Palms Frans boulevard, cough cough, chicken dance. Isn't he the cat that encourages hawking work for colour TVs?

Lighter fluid lighter fluid

Sniff smell satisfied. Satisfied loser.

Relax shoulders put this thing down. Coming out of the bread box, two-tone marsupials catch a ride on the 500 lbs mammal. Now Dawn, she done didn't moon bowls of elite sucking candy, for a long, long time.

Leave the activists alone. Fuck the activists.
Morgan lost her cuddles and hired a panty detectionive.

That fucking bird.

They always call it "31 Flavors."

1 comment:

  1. eat the downer. hone the cower.

    * what a line.

    it goes in a range of directions. i can't wait to hear it, with or without pedals.

    i'll be singing backing vocals from the audience.