Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pattern the Roots is Movement

I was introduced to the music of Pattern is Movement nearly two years ago by my younger brother, Michael. He was introduced to them by his then roommate, and friend of PIM drummer Chris Ward, Miles. PIM had played on the WMUC (UMD-College Park's radio station) show, Third Rail, which Michael and Miles hosted.

After the show, Michael called me up and said that I need to check this band out. So I did. And I fell in love immediately. I sent Andrew (keys/vocals) a myspace message explaining how I came to their music. Andrew wrote back and thus our pen-palship began.

For a few months we pen-pal'ed it up, mostly about music. My mind was blown--I fell in love with new music and struck up a nice online friendship with the melodic magician.

As summer rolled around, both our bands were scheduled to play at the Make Music New York/Williamsburg festival. We tried to meet up, but our sets were at the same time; azoi.

A few weeks later, I was on a solo tour with some friends (Boston, NY, Philly, DC) and called Andrew up to see if while we were passing through Philly, we couldn't grab a drink. Finally, our paths were able to coincide and Andrew, his special lady friend Anne, my friends and I went out for a mid-afternoon beer (or two...) at one of his haunts.

Initially, I was beside myself with myself. I was so giddy, it was really difficult for me to get out a full sentence. After a little bit, we just stuck to the music/tour talk and then I mellowed out. He and Anne were incredibly sweet and warm people and it was the highlight not only of the tour, but of my summer. (Did I mention Anne treated us all to the beer? See, special lady friend indeed!)

Andrew and I stayed in touch throughout the summer and when they came to Boston, I ran to the box office to get my tickets. The night of the show, I walked into the Middle East Upstairs to big hugs.

Below is video of two of my favourite groups performing together: Pattern is Movement with The Roots covering D'angelo's "Untitled (How does it feel?)." Enjoy!

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