Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jon Stamos!

I drank coffee.

Over the course of the past month, I've stayed away from caffeine for the most part. Ordered it twice before today and couldn't even finish one cup. Today was different. I drank two.

It was delicious.

I can't concentrate. I'm all over. Gotta pee. I can't stop my legs. I'm listening to King Crimson. Red is a great album. "One More Red Nightmare" is the song I sung to me simultaneously slinging syllabic slang and slander sullies sound suckers' sophomoric signs and short comings. Fear not, Grater, the angle of acrobratz brazenly barks catatonic candor down dark equator farts. Gasping henceforth, joining jeered kaleidoscopes lay multitude-Mank near Ophelia's polyrhythmic-post-quixotic rarities. Silly timbre underscores voracious Wonkalito Xavier's young zealots.


Mellowing mellowing mellowing.


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