Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Klessa - Live at Savant Project in Boston

Klessa is the latest great musical endeavor headed up by Matt Gordon (L'hiver, Laser Awesome, Red Sled Choir) coming out of New Paltz, NY. If there is anything New Paltz, NY should be known for is their incredible DIY music community. For nearly three years, Matt Gordon and fellow L'hiver/Laser Awesome alumnus (plus engineer for the debut Klessa album, "Aloha Demons" and currently touring in the band) Matt Ross, lived at the notorious 266 house in New Paltz, aka, The Rug Room. The Rug Room was host to almost weekly performances and other musical community gatherings featuring artists local, regional and even national (from previously mentioned groups to Kimya Dawson). Together with Cheryl (also of L'hiver), Kate Larson and Simon Thrasher (of Holy Haunted Head), Klessa emit shear beauty. Here are some shots from the recent show we played together at Savant Project in the Mission Hill section of Boston, November 17th, 2009.

(from left: Kate, Cheryl, Matt G, Matt R, Simon)

Check out some choice cuts from Klessa's great new album, HERE!

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