Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An excerpt from last night's dream dream dream.

In my head, I'm listening to Left Hand Does with Tears for Fears. They're performing "Songs from the Big Chair" in its entirety and it's fucking great. In my dream last night, two old friends were teaching some alternative Hebrew school/Jew-camp class. They were screening a new Mario Bros. game. But the film that accompanied the game. It was 64bit. There was a point where we were cooking, but that's about all I can remember from that scene. I tried to rip the game's movie onto my iPod but kinda fucked up the lesson. They forgave me with a stern reprimand and put the movie back on. Erika had two laptops--both MacBookPros and showed off the new feature: hands free file placement and motion. She held her hands above one computer as she would conduct an orchestra using a theromin and virtually dragged files to the other computer and pressed play all without touching either machine. Left Hand Does then went on to perform some songs for the kids. They closed with a cover featuring Jean, Ryan and Josh all on drums; Jean also doubled up on keys. Luke played guitar and everyone sang. Thinking about it now while typing, I want to say it was a Doobie Bros. song (probably "Black Water") but it definitely wasn't in the dream. I don't remember what it was. During their short set I explained to someone that many of their (LHD) songs are bred from dreams. Ironically, I didn't wake up to pen any of the dreamed LHD songs because I forgot that I was dreaming. After the last song, Luke asked how it sounded and I said "wonderful." He felt it was a bit a sloppy but that's how the original sounds--a tight sloppy,  like Pavement or Jimmy Page or John McLaughlin. "Alright, cool."

I realize that I don't need coffees bigger than a small. Too much at once ruins the unique tastes and relationship with the experience of being caffeinated we (the coffee and I) share.

"An excerpt from last night's dream dream dream."

by Daniel Harris

ps: google for the article "Baxter, you know I don't speak binary!" in one month for a fun-fact-filled history of electro-acoustic music!

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