Tuesday, December 1, 2009

check out his equipment setup
 Sent at 11:07 AM on Tuesday
 Matt:  woah so hes all synth these days?
 me:  nah, he runs his guitar through it though
 Matt:  thats what i mean
 me:  it looks that way
he's crazy
 Matt:  i never thought hed go there
 me:  hehehe
he's finally made it to the 80s
 Matt:  seriously
he was stuck in 78 for soooooo long
 me:  let's just hope he makes it out ok
 Matt:  and alive
the 80s were very long
 Sent at 11:14 AM on Tuesday
 me:  and a very trying time for honest musicians. the synthetic temptation is strong for some reason; the allure of precision, perhaps. it took the souls of joe cocker and richie havens.
i blame the coked up faux funk: disco.
 Sent at 11:16 AM on Tuesday
 Matt:  no stray in truth there
unfortunately pop takes no prisoners
 Sent at 11:17 AM on Tuesday
 me:  it's a brutal siren that will stop at nothing until it leaves in its wake sterile 4/4 super-compressed oppression
 Sent at 11:20 AM on Tuesday
 Matt:  chhwwwaaaccwchcawaaaaaaoooompaaaaafuuuucccckkkk
 Sent at 11:22 AM on Tuesday

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