Tuesday, December 1, 2009

* nothing of consequence * i think it's from too much coffee * i tweak out and start to stream * my gray matter emits verbose rainbows * letter feathered thoughts, 90% black liquid at heart, well-intentioned lip drivel coated in anti-matter *you know, bullshit * i sometimes archive these moments, when i'm fortunate enough to a) have the capacity and where-with-all and b) access to the interwebz * thanks * i've worked hard to become so * (to quote a phrase) * when i'm under the roasted influence of columbian cup-candy, the dam of mind collapses, giving way, giving way * a weightless blend from moonchild's fields paying tribute beneath the ivory tower * this is what happens when i have nothing particularly pressing to accomplish * i drink a lot of coffee and rant * under no duress and the correct melodic accompaniment, dedos de mio dance a handtacular tribute to Top Hat *

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