Monday, January 11, 2010

Today's rant is brought to you by Mexico.


so i went to that russian market today (bazaar on cambridge) to finally go grocery shopping and it was a complete disaster.

a) EVERYONE there--literally everyone except me--was speaking russian.

b) the deli counter signs? russian.

c) the vegetables? russian.

d) they did have a beer i was happy to find, though.

i picked up what i could understand--dark bread, tropicana oj, dried kiwis (never had them before but they looked interesting), that beer ('lobster lovers'), some ginger and some killer tomatoes. then i gave up and with much chagrin went to stop and shop (and without my headphones which made it even that challenging).

and thus was my prime adventure today. that and going to the at&t store to look into possibly getting an iphone.

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