Saturday, March 13, 2010

Notes from the Road, Vol. 1

Yesterday was a day off in that we didn't have a show last night which is good because we drove for nearly eight hours from Philly to Charlottesville. It was only supposed to take us four to four and a half hours but traffic and weather dealt otherwise. We found a random bar off 95 while still in PA early on yesterday that let me poo. We ended up hanging out there for about an hour waiting for the traffic to mellow out a bit. Here are some sweet shots from said bar:

Later on inthe evening we hit up some taco bell:

This inspired much farting and a massive poo this morning. My insides feel very clean now.

But wait!

First show of the tour was on the 10th at Trash Bar in Brookyln with some very, very shitty bands. Sorry to be a dick but it's just the truth. The sound guy was a dick, too. But some really good friends came out and I got to meet and geek out with Mike, the drummer from Lymbic System (gear nerds united).

The 11th we played at Khyber in Philly and though there were some atrocious grounding issues, the show was a blast and the sound guy was super nice. Some old friends came out including one I hadn't seen in literally eight years!! Stayed with Guapo and he made a great breakfast...

I done huurr drums...Quiet Loudly is up?

Location:Chez Glassman, Charlottesville, Va

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