Monday, April 19, 2010

Lymbyc Systym

While on tour, I met Mike Bell of Lymbyc Systym. We geeked out hardcore on music (The Books, Skull Snaps--oh man, I was telling him about Skull Snaps and a little while later as he was talking with my dearest, Skull Snaps actually came on the PA and I grabbed him and we ran over to the speakers) and gear (he gave me a video tour of LCD Soundsystem's studio in NYC and the most excited parts involved the instruments--didn't really care who owned the place, it was fucking sick!). Let me take a step back to how this all came together. In November I played a show with The Books at the Rose Art Museum. After sound check, Nick (he plays guitar and sings) and I got to talking music (obvs). He said I should check out a band called, Lymbyc Systym. So I did. And I really, really liked it. A lot. Cool. Moving on. Got this tour planned for March en route to SXSW and my dear friend Laura arranged her plans (she was out in NYC visiting from SF) to come to the show on her friend's bday. I get a call from Laura saying that not only is she coming, but she's bringing a special surprise. I honestly couldn't think of what it might be. I mean, Laura's fucking crazy. When we were talking about a week before the show, she could resist and just blurted out, "I'm bringing the drummer from Lymbyc Systym!" I was like, "WTF? How do you know him?" Turns out Mike was sitting in with another band when they came to Brandeis while Laura was a student and they hit it off (it's easy with Laura, she's a sweetheart, albeit crazy, but a sweetheart nonetheless). This got me super pumped, as one would imagine. Anyway, Mike saw my set and then, as I said, we geeked out on music and gear. We got to talking about touring and such and he invited me to open for them at the Middle East Upstairs. It was all very exciting. And what truly made the evening even more special was one of my favourite Boston acts and fellow loop and pedal geek, Animal Hospital, whom I've been wanting to play a show with since I first saw him. It was a fucking awesome night. Above is a little something I put together using two pictures I took during Lymbyc's set and photoshop.

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