Thursday, August 26, 2010

BOSS Loop Contest 2010 - "Lima" by Daniel Harris

This video was made for the Boss Loop Contest 2010. I used the Boss RC-50 and RC-20 loop stations, as well as the Boss DD-7 and some other pedals.

Tech specs: The DD-7 is roughly in the middle of my pedal line; the RC-50 is the last and the RC-20 is second to last. I ran the stereo out from the DD-7 into an old practice amp, while the main and loop were sent to a Mesa Boogie combo (.22 Studio). Both amps were then mic'ed (one with an SM57 and the other with a mock 58) and along with the vocals (a CAD dynamic mic) were sent to an ART Tubefire 8 interface and recorded into Garageband where it was also mixed.

Guitar: Raines Bebop 7-string.

The mix: vocals are in the center, the stereo out from the DD-7 is panned toward the right and the RC-50/20/main are toward the left.

The video: shot using two Sony DVCams simultaneously--one on the ground, one on a tripod--and edited using Avid.


Music: Daniel Harris Levine
Video: Daniel Harris Levine

Lyrics: Seth Kroll
Video Edit: Erika Street

A different arrangement of this song can be found on my album, "Thirty-two bit isn't really eight bits better", released in the fall of 2008.


Daniel Harris

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